Benny Fishoff – Through the Eyes of His Sons

He started literally with nothing, and built an empire of business – and chesed.
He was a brilliant businessman whom Rabbi Moshe Sherer called “the malach of shalom.”
He was a man who blended startling financial acumen with mussar hashkafah – and made it work!
He was the unique, inimitable Reb Benny Fishoff.

B’Ahavah, Benny – the story of Reb Benny Fishoff – is not a typical “rags to riches” story. Rather, it’s a “riches to riches” story. The story of a young man, sole survivor of his family after the Holocaust, who took the riches of chassidic devotion, the riches of years of intense yeshivah learning, the riches of memories of his warm and loving family, and who used those riches to build, to listen, to counsel and to enrich others. It is a story of amazing business savvy combined with profound mentschlichkeit, a story filled with siyata diShmaya and ultimate triumph.

In this compelling Inside ArtScroll episode, we get to hear from Benny’s sons, Dovi Fishoff and Avi Fishoff, who describe how Reb Benny went from Lodz to Shanghai to the executive suites of New York City skyscrapers – entering the hearts of countless Jews whom he helped with money, advice, and overflowing love. Watch and be inspired.

B’Ahavah, Benny