Eli Beer – 90 Seconds

An Israeli child is born in a Ukrainian bomb shelter — and United Hatzalah brings her home under fire …
A United Hatzalah volunteer scales a 12-foot-wall – and is the first to respond to the tragedy of Meron …
Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah, slips and breaks his leg racing to an emergency — and manages to crawl to the choking child and save her life …

The amazing work of Israel’s United Hatzalah began, incredibly, when five-year-old Eli Beer witnessed a terror attack and dreamed of being the one to save the victim. While still a young teen, Eli set out to make that dream come true, creating an underground network of pioneering EMTs who were determined to bring their life-saving skills to victims in only 90 seconds, no matter where they were.
Eli Beer’s book, 90 Seconds, written by the mega-talented Rabbi Nachman Seltzer, is the story of how a boy who failed in school created one of the world’s largest all-volunteer emergency services. It’s the story of dramatic rescues, sometimes under fire. Of life-changing and life-saving innovations such as the “ambucycle.” Of bringing United Hatzalah’s lifesaving experience to Nepal, Haiti, and, most recently, Ukraine, and their heart-rending rescue work in the Surfside and Versailles wedding hall tragedies.

In this Inside ArtScroll interview, we get to learn, from Eli himself, more of the story of how with determination, vision, self-sacrifice and compassion — and, of course, siyata D’Shmaya — lives can be saved and dreams can come true.

90 Seconds