Episode 1:11

Naftali Horowitz

Naftali Horowitz is a Managing Director and Financial Advisor at J.P. Morgan and author of You…Revealed. As a managing director of the nation’s largest investment bank, Naftali has learned a lot about the nature of success. He is also a man with a mission: to help Jews in any way he can. And help them he does, guiding tens of thousands of people to a greater understanding of themselves, their challenges, and their hidden potential, both in face-to-face meetings and in his popular lectures.

You…Revealed is not a typical self-help book for people looking for financial success – though it will certainly help them achieve that goal. Rather, it draws upon a wide range of Torah sources to help us discover our mission and purpose in life. You…Revealed combines profound Torah wisdom and time-tested mussar techniques with piercing psychological insights and fascinating true-life examples. It shows us how to achieve success while living lives of tranquility and contentment. Learn about this – and more! – in this compelling conversation.