Episode 2:4

Rabbi Avrohom Biderman and Chananya Kramer – The Mishkan Project

ArtScroll’s Kleinman Edition Mishkan DVD was a groundbreaking computer program that brought the Mishkan and the Bigdei Kehunah to life. The Kleinman Edition Mishkan sefarim in Hebrew and English, with their high-resolution photorealistic images and clear, detailed explanations, have become the standard in homes, schools, and shuls throughout the world, used by gedolei Yisrael and children, laymen and talmidei chachamim. This interview gives us a fascinating glimpse of how they were produced. Chananya Kramer of Kol-Rom Multimedia and ArtScroll’s Rabbi Avrohom Biderman join to give us the exciting behind-the-scenes story and share some interesting factoids.

Join the trip as they take us from Brooklyn to New Orleans, Baltimore to the Ukraine, to create these amazing projects, discussing the design and construction of the Mishkan and the Bigdei Kehunah.

The Mishkan