Episode 2:8

Rabbi Eliezer Krohn

Rabbi Eliezer Krohn’s A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah explores many important topics, with a focus on situations that women and girls face in their everyday lives. Topics covered include the halachos of daily living, Shabbos, each of the yamim tovim, preparing and kashering the kitchen for Pesach, the laws of yichudtevillas keilim and many more. All halachos have been reviewed by Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum. Must a girl hear Kiddush on Shabbos? May she eat before Kiddush? Must a single girl light neiros Chanukah? How about giving mishloach manos? Is a woman or girl obligated to take the lulav and esrog on Succos? How does one light Shabbos candles in a hospital? Which parts of tefillah should women and girls recite? Written with great clarity, with source notes for further study, A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah is a book that Jewish women will refer to again and again. In this interview, Rabbi Krohn discusses his new work, while sharing fascinating memories of growing up in the home of his illustrious father, famed author and speaker Rabbi Paysach Krohn.

A Woman’s Guide to Practical Halachah