Episode 2:9

Rabbi Yechiel Spero

Bestselling author Rabbi Yechiel Spero has enthralled readers and audiences across the world for two decades. Few people tell a story like Rabbi Spero does, as his style of writing and speaking, flavored with experience, fervor, and humility, make his vignettes a rich resource for all. In his latest offering, Rabbi Spero gives us a new understanding of Yosheiv Beseiser through his fascinating commentary and dozens of inspiring and unusual stories. This beautiful work opens our eyes and we see Hashem’s protective Arms around us, a Father shielding His children — and we are no longer afraid. In this compelling interview, Rabbi Spero offers his refreshing, candid and invigorating take on writing books, on reaching out to others, on his role as a mechanech, and so much more. 

Yosheiv Beseiser