Episode 1:1

Rabbi Yisroel Besser and Rabbi Gedaliah Zlotowitz

Rabbi Dovid Trenk seemed to walk in a little cloud of simchah, energy and life, lifting spirits and souls as he walked. But reaching that lofty level took a lifetime of work, from a childhood in Boro Park to his first job teaching the boys no one else would have. That’s where he made his mark, driven by an unshakable belief in the power of a neshamah. The special way he looked at people – seeing the greatness in them before they ever saw it themselves – taught them to see the brilliance and splendor of their own neshamos. In this interview, the author, Rabbi Yisroel Besser, and Rabbi Gedaliah Zlotowitz, president of ArtScroll, discuss this masterful book, a guide on how to really start living, with joy, confidence and simple faith.

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