Rabbi Aaron Brafman zt”l – Through the Eyes of His Son and a Talmid

Rabbi Aaron Brafman was the much-beloved and revered menahel of Yeshiva of Far Rockaway. He was also a respected author and a dedicated askan. But more: He was a man who loved every Jew, who saw potential where others saw failure. In the words of a talmid, he was a man “who lived and breathed Klal Yisrael; whose days were filled with Torah and maasim tovim … and most of all, who epitomized the term ‘rebbi.’” In this interview, we spoke to Rabbi Brafman’s son, Rabbi Avrohom Baruch Brafman, and Rabbi Brafman’s close talmid, Rabbi Dov Keilson.

Rabbi Aaron Brafman