Rabbi David Sutton – A Daily Dose of Pesukim of Bitachon

A life lived with tranquility and confidence. Success in business. Protection in times of danger. And, greatest of all, a way to strengthen our connection to Hashem. Yes, the blessings of bitachon are immeasurable. But how do we truly incorporate such trust in Hashem into our hearts?

The Talmud Yerushalmi, the Zohar, the Maharal and many other sources offer us a time-tested and effective means for embedding bitachon firmly within us. The Maharal even states that this technique is a segulah for success in business and protection in times of war. What is this ultra-powerful technique? Pesukim of bitachon. Reciting specific verses, these sources tell us, is an extremely powerful way of incorporating bitachon – and all its blessings – into every aspect of our lives.

In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi David Sutton, author of A Daily Dose of Pesukim of Bitachon, describes how when we internalize these pesukim, we will transform our very essence. In his book and in this interview, Rabbi Sutton gives us a greater understanding of the many lessons we can learn from these pesukim. Through stories and insights, he shows us how to use the pesukim to strengthen our bitachon. Watch and be uplifted.

A Daily Dose of Pesukim of Bitachon