Rabbi Fishel Schachter

Rabbi Fishel Schachter makes us think. Makes us laugh. And makes us better.
Better parents, better people, better Jews.

Rabbi Schachter knows what happens in our lives. The little annoyances and the big challenges. The happiness and the angst. He knows what happens to us – because it often happens to him as well! And when “life” happens – the vanishing parking space, the bored kids on vacation, the last minute pre-Shabbos misadventures – he knows what we should do. Learn a lesson of hashgachah pratis. Think of a story that enhances our emunah. Discover an insight that puts everything in a different – more positive – light. Remember to thank Hashem for everything. And, of course, smile and find the joy in His plans for us.
In Did This Ever Happen to You? Rabbi Schachter, a popular rebbi, speaker, maggid shiur, columnist and storyteller, combines practical advice in chinuch and middos development with anecdotes and stories that are always engaging and often laugh-out-loud funny. Did This Ever Happen To You? touches on topics ranging from seeing hashgachah pratis in our lives to mitzvos such as hachnasas orchim and giving tzedakah; from strengthening our bitachon to outlooks on tefillah.
In this exciting Inside ArtScroll interview, like in his book, we see that no one tells a story quite like Rabbi Schachter, using stories as an incredibly effective – and often funny – means of guiding us through whatever challenges we are facing. Watch…and be prepared to laugh and to learn.

Did This Ever Happen to You?