Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum

Thanks to Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, thousands have found a way to improve themselves and their lives. In his new book, Olam Ha’avodah, Rabbi Kestenbaum shows us how to strengthen our connection to Hashem. Did you ever wonder what you are doing here? Why did Hashem put you in the exact place where you are? What really is your mission in life? Olam Ha’avodah will help you clarify this – and more. Like his previous book, Olam Hamiddos, Olam Ha’avodah is easy-to-read, down to earth, and deeply inspiring.

In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Kestenbaum, a master mechanech, speaks about his new book and also delves into compelling issues related to chinuch, self-improvement, clarity of purpose, and so much more. You will emerge from this interview with a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh understanding of how to deal with other people of all ages.

Olam Ha'avodah