Rabbi Yechezkel Elias – Ani Maamin / A Mission for Life

The 13 Ikkarei Emunah, the Ani Maamins, appear in our siddurim, and many of us recite them every day after tefillah. And yet … do we understand what they mean in our own everyday lives and actions?
In a new thoughtful work, Ani Maamin – A Mission for Life, Rabbi Yechezkel Elias examines each of the 13 Ikkarei Emunah. Using contemporary examples that we can all understand and relate to, he makes the often difficult concepts contained in the 13 Ikkarim clear, comprehensible, and very, very relevant. Each Ikkar is followed by a section titled How does this affect my daily life?, which shows us how to put these foundational beliefs into practice in our own lives.
In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Elias discusses his new book, how it came to be, and some personal background.
The Ani Maamin Initiative was created l’ilui nishmas habachur Dovi Steinmetz z”l, one of the 45 precious neshamos who lost their lives in the Meron Lag Ba’omer tragedy. Created by Dovi’s father, Reb Shloimi Steinmetz, the initiative has successfully encouraged thousands to say the 13 Ikkarei Emunah. As part of the initiative, Rabbi Elias gave a series of shiurim on each of the 13 Ikkarei Emunah, which form the basis of this beautifully presented book.

Ani Maamin - A Mission for Life