Reb Shloimi Steinmetz – Ani Maamin / A Mission for Life

One of the kedoshim of Meron was habochur Dovi Steinmetz z”l of Montreal. Since last Lag Ba’omer, Dovi’s father, Reb Shloimi Steinmetz, has become an ambassador of faith, asking people to recite the 13 Ani Maamins printed in every siddur after davening each morning l’ilui nishmas the pure neshomah of Yissochor Dov Berish ben Reb Shloime.

People have responded…and how! With enthusiasm and passion, eager not just to create zechusim for this extraordinary neshomah, but to bring a little more emunah into their own lives, men and women, adults and children, have joined this initiative. Regardless of community, demographic, level of observance or family minhag, emunah lives in the neshomah, and for anyone with a Divine spark, the message resonated. Over 120,000 Ani Maamin cards have been distributed to people all over the world.

With his conviction and sincerity, Reb Shloimi has been opening hearts across the Jewish world. Based on shiurim inspired by Reb Shloimi’s initiative, a new book, Ani Maamin – A Mission for Life, has been published by ArtScroll. In this Inside ArtScroll interview, Reb Shloimi gives us a glimpse of the global revolution he’s spearheaded, turning tragedy into inspiration.

Ani Maamin – A Mission for Life