Up Close With the Ribnitzer: Reb Moshe Tzvi Berkowitz

The Ribnitzer Rebbe was a tzaddik, a ba’al mofeis (a miracle worker), and so much more. He became a living legend, the address for thousands seeking berachos, first in Russia, then in Eretz Yisrael and, eventually in America. His intense avodah included fasting, non-stop Torah learning, and hours and hours of profound tefillah. Throughout all his trials and tribulations, Reb Chaim Zanvil, the Ribnitzer Rebbe, found a way to serve Hashem.

One of those who merited to serve the rebbe for years, forging a close and personal relationship, was Reb Moshe Tzvi Berkowitz. In this fascinating Insight ArtScroll interview, we sit down with Reb Moshe Tzvi to learn about what he learned from the rebbe, and to hear firsthand stories about his interactions with the rebbe – including the rebbe’s famous “teniah” (tune) that he made famous, and so much more. Watch and be uplifted.

The Ribnitzer