Rabbi Heshy Kleinman – Living With Hashgachah Pratis

We call it “hashgachah pratis” — the understanding that Hashem is continuously in our lives, and not just in historic events and obvious miracles. Hashgachah pratis tells us that Hashem is with us in traffic jams, in hospital wards, and while we’re waiting for a delayed plane to take off. He is with us even in our times of suffering. Everything, but everything, reflects His Will and His goodness. And the more we are aware of the hashgachah pratis around us – the more we are able to see it clearly!

In his new book, Living With Hashgachah Pratis, and in this Inside ArtScroll interview, Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, author of the classic Praying With Fire series, shows us how to become aware of hashgachah pratis in our world, and how such a consciousness will ignite our emunah, enhance our gratitude, increase our merits, and lead us to a happier, more secure and meaningful life.

Living With Hashgachah Pratis