Rav Elya Meir Sorotzkin – Through the Eyes of a Talmid

Rav Elya Meir Sorotzkin zt”l became a rosh yeshivah at a very young age and, with “blood, sweat and tears,” as he would often say, built his yeshiva into a premier institution, and, more importantly, built individual talmidim. Because he personally went through the painstaking process of self-discovery and growth, he was able to identify with the struggles and triumphs of his talmidim in a way that few could.

This Inside ArtScroll interview features a conversation with a close talmid, Rabbi Tzvi Uhr, who describes the lifelong impact that his rebbi had on his talmidim, giving us an appreciation for how every page in the biography of Rav Elya Meir Sorotzkin will inspire and uplift us.

Rav Elya Meir Sorotzkin